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MUSE (Coordinator): The Museo delle Scienze is an auxiliary body of the Autonomous Province of Trento. Its mission is to illustrate the alpine environment, using the eyes, tools, and applications of scientific research, facing the challenges of the contemporary world, stimulating scientific curiosity, giving value to science, innovation, and sustainability.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: is a botanical institute that conducts plant conservation and research. Collections are maintained by various departments and expanded frequently; the Herbarium, the Library and Archives, the DNA bank, the Millennium Seed Bank, to name a few. The seed collection under the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership hosts a living collection that forms a safe haven of primarily wild species, for use in conservation and research.

The University of Pavia: is one of the oldest universities in Europe, established by Emperor Charles IV in 1361. UNIPV is a Research University, offering a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching organized in 18 Departments and has study programmes at all levels: Bachelor’s degrees, single-cycle Masters Degrees, research degrees, specialist schools and level I and II Masters degrees. Research is carried out in departments, institutes, clinics, centers, and laboratories in close association with public and private institutions, enterprises and companies.

James Hutton Institute: is an international research centre based in Scotland. The work we do is right at the top of the global agenda and involves tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems including the impact of climate change and threats to food and water security. Its mission is to deliver the highest quality integrated and innovative science that contributes knowledge, products and services to meet the multiple demands on land and natural resources.

Scotia Seeds: Established in 1995, Scotia Seeds has 40 acres of wildflower crops on Mavisbank, our farm in Angus. Our crops are grown from small collections made in the wild around Scotland and each can be traced back to its original site. We produce the highest quality seeds to allow customers to make new habitats to attract wildlife, to create meadows or simply to add attractive new plants to a garden border. With a background in seed technology, Scotia Seeds also continues to improve the quality of seed we produce to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Semillas Silvestres: Specializing in the production of Iberian seeds, we present a wide range of phylogenetic Iberian resources. The gymnosperms include not only the majority of the species traditionally used in reforestation for its timber value, but also other taxa of special interest for the reconstruction of ecosystems. The broadleaf trees and shrubs are species that stand out especially for their large range of applications currently connected to the needs of our modern society. The aromatic, medicinal and seasoning plant are species that have traditionally had very interesting applications. The wild grasses pick up a variety of (annual, biennial or perennial) herbaceous species, and shoreline restoration, selected for their applications in many different fields of action.

Syngenta: We believe in delivering better food for a better world through outstanding crop solutions, and we take pride in meeting our commitments to our stakeholders. Our goal is to be the leading global provider of innovative solutions and brands to growers and the food and feed chain.