A comparative germination study among different alpine habitats and provenances (Italy and Spain)

ESR 4B – Maria Tudela Isanta

I got my graduation in Biotechnology at the “Universitat de Barcelona” mentions in Agroalimentary industry and I made a master in “Enviormental and Agrobiology” at the “Euskal Herria Unibertsitatea”. Currently, my PHd just started at Pavia University and it is based on seed dormancy. During my bachelor I had the opportunity of going to Leiden University where I had the I nitial T raining N etwork NASSTEC Newsletter, issue 1 October 2014 9 chance to discover the research moreover and I had the opportunity of knowing a new culture, country and method of working, which encourage me to starting a research career. While studying I had the opportunity of collaborate with some research in seed longevity of Brassica rapa and Brassica napus supervised by Dr. Tom de Jong and Dra. Elsse Hesse. This internship was my first experience with seed research, in which we found a relation between morphological and physiological characters, such as thickness of the seedcoat, glucosinolates contents, etc. with seed longevity.

Afterward, I collaborate with Sorkunde Mendarte working on the conservation of mountain grassland and, particularly, comparing how the exclusion of grassing has an effect on biodiversity index and soil parameters. My current area of interest is seed ecology, including seed dormancy and mechanisms related to break it. In particular, I am interested in changes of seed dormancy across alpine species and see if a biogeographical distribution is related with the type of dormancy defined. Moreover, it will be interesting to identify seed dormancy type as a potential functional trait for the species analysed and find out if dormancy type is an ecological advantage across plant community succession. NASSTEC project will give me the opportunity of joining two of my interest: mountain and seed dormancy; moreover it is a project which allows young researchers to work as a team, collaborate with other research and discover new countries. The opportunity of going abroad and learn from professors and international researchers with a deep experience and knowledge in seed and science are joined in NASSTEC project and will give me the chance of developing as a researcher and person.