Germination characterization, establishment from seeds and plant development of native Mediterranean grasses for ground covers in olive groves

ESR 5B –Matías Hernández González

I completed a BSc in Environmental Sciences at the University of Granada and a MSc in Agroecology at the University of Miguel Hernandez. As part of my placement in a Biosphere Reserve office I designed a project about the use of native plants in ecosystem restoration and gardening. During my work as an environmental consultant, I compiled a guide of best management practices of organic vineyards in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and collaborated with WWF in the project “Un brindis por la tierra”, a manual of best management practices in vineyards for Spain. My area of interest is cover crops in woody crops. As part of my Master’s dissertation, I did a preliminary study of two different types of cover crops, using traditional cultivars of cereals and legumes, and their influence on several chemical and physical properties of the soil in a vineyard.

I was attracted to NASSTEC because it offers a unique training in native seed science, conservation and use of native plants in environmental mitigation. Firstly, I will be able to continue improving my skills in using cover crops for restoring fields. Secondly, I will gain many technical skills and will have the opportunity to work in the industry. And finally, I will obtain a PhD degree at the end of the project.