Prof Costas Thanos

University of Athens, Greece;;

Title: Germination characters in European plants
*co-authors: E. Daskalakou, C. Fournaraki, K. Koutsovoulou, E. Skourti

Abstract: We will attempt to characterize the various, fundamental types of seed germination among European plants. Based on both the established dormancy categorization scheme and the ecophysiological approach of seed germination requirements, we put forward the following tentative 'germination characters': post-developers, after-ripeners, hard-coaters, stratificationers and temperature-probers. We have reviewed the vast and diverse literature in order to specify and quantify each character as well as examine a number of possible clusters within each main group. Additionally, several other parameters will be introduced and analyzed: phylogeny, season of germination, biogeographical region of main occurrence, climatic conditions prevailing, habitat type, seed mass and plant life history.

Biography: Costas A. Thanos was born, raised and educated in Athens. He holds a BSc (1974) and a PhD (1980) from the Department of Biology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where he has been working for more than 35 years, currently as professor of Plant Physiology. His doctoral dissertation dealt with watermelon seed germination and since then he has been involved with numerous research projects on seed physiology and ecology, postfire regeneration of Mediterranean plants as well as in situ plant conservation and seed banking. He has travelled extensively all over the world, taking part in many international conferences or projects and giving several invited keynote lectures. He is an associate editor of the CUP journal Seed Science Research and he has recently stepped down after serving for 6 years as president of the Hellenic Botanical Society. He has contributed to the organization of several national and international conferences (among them the inaugural Seed Ecology I, Rhodes 2004). Most of his publications can be accessed in