Prof Rob Fiegener

Institute for Applied Ecology, Corvallis, Oregon, USA;;

Title: Policy, certification, and quality assurance for native seed

Abstract: Native species are different from conventional crops in many important regards.  Our systems of controlling seed quality and providing quality assurance have been developed for traditional agronomic crops where production scale is quite large and uniformity is a virtuous attribute. These systems require modification to be applied to native seed, which is valued primarily for its diversity.  This presentation will discuss the challenges inherent in developing large-scale supplies of genetically diverse native seed, and will present advances in testing and certification to provide quality assurance with respect to seed purity, viability, and genetic identity of both wildland-collected and field-cultivated material.  Policies concerning the use and regulation of native seed in various jurisdictions will be reviewed.

Biography: Rob Fiegener began his career with native seed making collections in Yosemite National Park, and went on to obtain a BS in Natural Resources Management from Humboldt State University and a MS in Ecology from University of California, Davis.  He joined the Institute for Applied Ecology in 2002, and has served as Director of the Native Seed Network since 2004.  Rob has produced the series of National Native Seed Conferences in the US, and is chair-elect of the International Network for Seed-based Restoration.