Dr Markus Wieden & Dr Ann Kareen Mainz

Verband deutscher Wildsamen- und Wildpflanzenproduzenten e.V., Wetzlar, Germany; info@natur-im-vww.de; http://www.natur-im-vww.de/en/wildsaat-wildpflanzgut

Title: Wild Seed Certification in conformity with VWW-Regiosaaten as an accredited example of quality assurance

Abstract: The VWW is an association founded by wild plant producers in 2005 that already set its own quality standard, before a legal requirement existed. When the German wild plant market was ordered by the preservation mixture regulation, many aspects were literally transferred from the VWW-certification procedure “VWW-Regiosaaten” which sets its focus on the secure regional origin of the products. In our lecture, we would like to address the most important principles of the procedure, costs and challenges for the producers as well as the limits of controls. In addition, the legal framework and research activities in order to establish a proof of origin at the level of the nursery (tracking wild seeds with stable isotopes) will be briefly discussed.

 BiographiesDipl. Ing. agr. Markus Wieden, Managing Director of VWW, co-owner of “Wildsaaten” a wild seed producing company and of a planning office. Dr. agr. Ann Kareen Mainz researched the feed value of common grassland plants during her doctorate and has been working for the VWW's office since 2011.