Donald MacIntyre

Emorsgate Seeds, UK; ;

Title: Native seed production and seed based restoration in the British Isles

Abstract: “Creating Attractive Grasslands using Native Plant Species” by Terry Wells et. al. (1982) inspired and stimulated the production and use of native seeds in the British Isles. Since then the use of native seeds for ecological restoration, supported by advances in science and policy, has had a positive impact on biodiversity at a landscape scale. I shall discuss methods of seed production and seed based restoration, and consider how these interact with science, conservation and land use, charting how opinion and knowledge has changed since 1982, and what challenges remain.

Biography: Educated at Royal Holloway College, University of London, and at other places, in Botany, Plant Genetics and Plant Breeding. Established Emorsgate Seeds in 1980, now with farms in Norfolk and at Bath, growing 200 native species for seed on 100 hectares of arable as single species row crops, and brush harvesting 80ha of wild grasslands per annum. Emorsgate Seeds provides seeds for the restoration of 1,000ha of species rich grasslands each year. Also, I am a founding member of Flora locale, a Parish Council Chair and a Royal Warrant Holder.